Wednesday, 30 September 2015


MPLENTIS started its journey by bringing together three exceptional talented experts in the Web Development and Internet Marketing domains. We have Internet Marketing experts, far-sighted Web Developers, well-versed Content Writers and creative Web Designers. These skilled professionals have the zeal to win and strive to offer professional and competitive solutions to our clients.

Since we started providing our IT Solutions and software services, we have been sticking to the best and affordable services delivery on time. We always motivate our team to make sure smooth, rationalized development processes along with the uppermost possibility of success. Our teams always follow our Process Methodology, which has been proven to facilitate effective project management at every step and ensure that the finished software explicitly meets all of your functional needs.
Our working principle for success is delivering our best services with in the predetermined time frame.
Our Quality lies in all the services, whichwe provide to our clients.
Our Environment is full of motivationand energy. All our team members are always ready to face any challenge during the product development and implementation.
Our Standards of coding and we strictly follow it. As per those standard we maintains a library of all the classes used in the project and make user controls as per the need of the project.
General Class Library which is consist of different general functions like making connection with database, sending Mail, creating record set, creating dataset etc.
Understanding client's needs for providing satisfactory solution.We first analyze the requirement. If we find some missing points, the concerned person will have discussion with client and suggest him better option.
Creating Prototype of the project before starting work on it gives the complete estimation of challenges, efforts, time duration and cost of the whole project from initiation to implementation.
Development of web or software applicationincludes several simultaneous processes. Client is provided the capability to control the progress on each of the activities at any development stage.
Testing and Implementation to provide the faultless product in front of our client is our mainintention. To make the software bug free we use to undergo deep testing by our software testerswho carry out unit testing, integration testing, load testing, portability testing, security testing, incremental testing and responsiveness testing.
Launch is the final project phase includes set up atclient hosting, infrastructure, the solution tune up, client personal training and launching of the solution.

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